Sunday, 7 May 2017

Collection of things painted lately.

So I've painted my first two tau of a new army for 8th. I've played them since 2009 and not played them since 5th edition so I missed out on them being good hahaha. I've bought and sold Tau armies like 4 times. I will not sell this one though, I'm on to a winning scheme it's easy to paint and looks quite good. It is inspired by the milita from Titanfall the video game series.

I am working on some elite looking infantry dude primarily first for shadow war games! Here are 2 guys in the same scheme that will join the guy above, a little bit appleseed inspired but hey aren't Tau the faction for anime freaks like me?!

I think the leader will look bad-ass with his bonding knife and dual pulse pistols on his back, massive pulse carbine, grenades and ridiculous helmet.
I finished painting my Farsight conversion finally. Check it out.

The Tau writing on the shield is directly copied from the official minis, but the scrolls read "suck my balls"
I also have repainted the eyes on my sculpted orlock leader for necromunda.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Gangs of Commorragh

Here are some pics of my Gangs of Commorragh gang. I don't know whether to call them 'Death Spiral' or 'Spiral Death' no idea but I'd like to call them one of the two.

Friday, 3 March 2017

Scratch built Orlock leader now painted

I finished the paintjob on the figure i sculpted for necromunda. My painting skills are still kind of weak, that coupled with the not quite perfect sculpt on the face led me to really mess up the eyes but I sought of pulled it together somehow so that it looks tabletop worthy. To be honest I'm just happy that it is good enough to blend in with the other minis from a safe distance, this means I can field the mini. If it wasn't good enough to field I would be really upset as I put alot of hours into this guy.

Monday, 20 February 2017

Sculpted Orlock Gang leader for necromunda

I have done a scratch build for my Necromunda Orlock gang, The guns and hands are plastic bitz but everything else is sculpted. The boltgun is green which is confusing but it was painted green funnily enough, I did however convert it a bit with some green stuff to fix the magazine.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

'One page rules Fantasy' battle report: Vampire Lords VS Empire

So I kind of gave up on Kings of War as I am really tired of any rule set that isn't dead simple. KoW is dead simple to most people but i guess im just dead simple lol. So with that being said I hacked apart my multibase dioramas and got cracking with the fantasy version of my favourite rule sets in the world one page rules .

The basic points cost is 750 points which is cool as we only had enough minis to play at that point level and my opponent still had to take some gobbo archers as allies to reach that low cap. This game though has smaller units typically half size i.e 10 guys in a regiment of spearmen etc. This is great for many reasons but you can easily scale up to a more normal looking force of 1500 and take the same unit twice and run them as a single unit for a normal 20 man group of spearmen etc.

Playing at this points cost though seemed a tad silly on the 6x4 and we were just constantly outflanking one another so we played again on a 4x4 and it worked perfectly.

I took a general on griffon with upgrades to the generals armour and hand weapon, a unit of spearmen, a unit of reiksguard, 2 units of riflemen, a unit of pistoliers and a unit of demigryphs. My opponent took a vampire count on zombie dragon with armour and weapon upgrades, 2 units of skeleton spearmen, 2 units of gobbo archers, a unit of blood knights and a varghulf.

The forces deploy, Empire go first moving up with cav on the left
Vampires respond moving their core units on their left and elite on the right

Empire marksmen fire their rifles and take out some goblins

The other marksmen unit fire through the wood at the bloodknights killing 1

Gobbos start to die and shoot poorly in response

pistoliers fire at the blood knights killing 1

Blood knights are dying, but it just makes them angry!

The sergants monkey screams encouragment

The demigryphs move up on the left to deter any flanking by the undead

The zombie dragon burns the empire general and the vampire lord casts a spell damaging him further. He responds by charging in, fails to get a flank charge but causes some wounds.

Demigryphs continue to hold down the left playing chicken with the varghulf, the reiksguard swing round to threaten the vampires. Too late to save the pistoliers which are decimated by the blood knights. 

The gobbos hit and kill someone! They stop fighting to celebrate and get shot themselves. One unit of skeletons charges the empire spearmen and is destroyed.

overview of the battle at this point. The combat between the two mighty generals continues, with the vampire count taking the upper hand and slaying the gallant empire general and his noble mount.

Empire spearmen continue to hold the right flank, reiksguard charge the bloodknights and heroically cut them down.

Reiksguard reform to face the mighty vampire on zombie dragon, Demigryphs engage the varghulf but the two units are evenly matched.

wounds are suffered by both sides but no one is slain and the fight continues.

The right flank degenerates into a brawl that neither side can win. The game ends.

The match ends with the vampire lords winning by a significant margin. The key was losing my general while my opponent kept hers, if I had perhaps engaged the demigryphs early to flank the dragon while the general kept repeatedly engaging it in combat it may have gone my way. You live and you learn haha. Great match and I hope to have more stuff painted next time i play. Here is a couple photos of my work in progress for the demigryphs.

They both have a long way to go but i love these minis!! you can see how i made them in an earlier post on the blog.