Sunday, 7 May 2017

Collection of things painted lately.

So I've painted my first two tau of a new army for 8th. I've played them since 2009 and not played them since 5th edition so I missed out on them being good hahaha. I've bought and sold Tau armies like 4 times. I will not sell this one though, I'm on to a winning scheme it's easy to paint and looks quite good. It is inspired by the milita from Titanfall the video game series.

I am working on some elite looking infantry dude primarily first for shadow war games! Here are 2 guys in the same scheme that will join the guy above, a little bit appleseed inspired but hey aren't Tau the faction for anime freaks like me?!

I think the leader will look bad-ass with his bonding knife and dual pulse pistols on his back, massive pulse carbine, grenades and ridiculous helmet.
I finished painting my Farsight conversion finally. Check it out.

The Tau writing on the shield is directly copied from the official minis, but the scrolls read "suck my balls"
I also have repainted the eyes on my sculpted orlock leader for necromunda.